Friday, December 29, 2006

Julie's Eucalyptus Picks

Sniffles Chest Balm. I LOVE IT! My husband Brett and I apply Sniffles Chest Balm every night before we go to sleep, we find it incredibly soothing. The texture is great and the balm itself feels good on. Being an asthmatic myself, I find the eucalyptus helps to clear my airways and if I’m feeling at all under the weather I wake up feeling better.

Breathe-Ease Synergy. This product is so versatile. When someone’s sick in the office we put a few drops in a diffuser and the whole office is filled with the healthy smell of eucalyptus. The synergy is very concentrated so a little goes a long ways. I like to put the bottle in my purse and if I’m feeling congested I dab a bit on my wrists or put a drop on the tip of my nose – it really helps

Breathe Body Wash. I wish I had time to take baths, but I don’t, so I’m stuck with showers. On a chilly morning with a stuffy head, there’s nothing like a steaming hot shower and Breathe Body Wash on a sea sponge. The scent rises with the steam and clears my system leaving me fresh for the day ahead.

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