Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer To-Do's

Despite the Christmas cards showing up on store shelves, summer’s not over yet. In fact, we still have a long ways to go. This is great news but it also means we must still be vigilant about taking care of ourselves in this heat. My summer regimen of protection and prevention starts out great in the beginning but like a New Year’s Resolution, it tends to fade as the weeks and months pass. Time to get back on track! Remember:

Protect Your Skin. The sun does permanent damage to your skin and can lead to serious ailments. Make sure to lather you and your kids up with sunscreen BEFORE going out in the sun. Experts say at least 15 minutes prior to exposure. Keep in mind that all sunscreens are not created equal and many of the well-known brands contain harmful toxins and chemicals. Erbaviva’s natural and organic sunscreen is free of these harmful agents and a great choice to protect you from the harsh rays of the summer sun.

Drink Lots Of Water. Seems real basic but it is so important. In the summer heat your body needs to stay hydrated. If you’re thirsty, that means you’re already dehydrated.

Cover Up. It’s tempting to wear as little as possible on a 100 degree day but in fact it’s the most important day to be covered. Hats are great, so are light shawls that can be easily removed once in the shade. Protect that skin – it’s the only one you got.

Remember To Rest. Being active is great but when the sun’s pounding down on you, you’re going to tire more easily. This is not a reflection on your athletic ability; it’s just the way it is. An extra 10 minute break in the shade with a glass of water can do wonders.

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