Monday, December 8, 2008

sick :-(

Got the Sniffles?

Feeling run-down? Here are a few tips for some winter relief:

1. Sleep
Okay, I realize that sounds almost too simple, but it is true. Listen to your body and get the sleep you need; it cannot fight a war on the virus invaders if it has no energy.

2. Drink lots of fluids
You coffee drinkers out there, try an herbal tea when you feel run down instead of your regular coffee. You will hydrate quicker, because herbal teas do not contain caffeine. Lots of herbal teas soothe the throat and may even help you feel a little better. Fluids actually help break up congestion.

3. Steam
Inhaling steam can help ease congestion and running noses. You can warm up some water, put it in a bowl, and add 5 drops of Erbaviva's Breathe Synergy. Then place a towel over your head and breathe deeply. If the steam is too hot, breathe in slower. The Breathe Synergy has a blend of organic eucalyptus, cedar, lemon, thyme and tea tree essential oils to help clear the breathing passages. You can also add the synergy to the bathtub or use our Breathe Bath Salts.

4. Clean those phones
At work and at home germs are spread easily from the telephone. You can use our Breathe Spray, which is an antiviral-antibacterial, to lightly spray the phones. Also you can spray rooms where other people have been sick.

5. Wash your hands regularly
Everything you touch can be carrying germs. (money, stair railings, keyboards, carts at the grocery store, etc) Fight back by washing those hands with warm soapy water.

For babies (and adults too), try our Sniffles Chest Balm to help soothe and calm baby, with organic eucalyptus, myrrh & chamomile. It also has organic helichrysum which helps the other essential oils absorb quicker. Rub it on your baby's neck, chest and back. It is over 95% organic and petroleum free, unlike other chest rubs. We also have a Baby Lip & Cheek Balm to help hydrate and protect baby's dry, chapped skin

Wishing you & yours a happy healthy 2009!


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