Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Green Living Tips

Back in January we compiled a list of Healthy Green Living Tips for 2009. Have you tried some of them? How are they working? Post a comment and share your thoughts with others!

I also have a few more tips to share. My husband and I moved into a house from an apartment last month, and in an effort to help the environment and save a little money during these challenging times, I have by accident come across a couple new tips.

We have a very small yard, so instead of purchasing a gas powered mower, we bought a manual push mower. It works great! It's super easy to use and will never require any more energy then that which you produce yourself.

Our new house is only new to us; it's from the 20's and comes with a few quirks. One quirk is a dryer that takes three full cycles to dry 1 load. So what I do now is skip the dryer all together and dry my clothes on a clothesline outside. It's actually really fun and makes you feel like you're living in a simpler time. My clothes have never smelled so fresh.

To reduce waste, I have started a compost pile in the side yard.

Finally, I have started a garden. Now I can grow my own vegetables - which is better for my health and the environment then buying store-bought ones.

Enjoy the tips and keep greening!

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