Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to School, The Swine Flu, Healthcare Reform, - Do you feel a little STRESSED???

It seems that every time we turn around, there is something stressful coming right at us, speeding at 100 mph and ready to hit us full force. Whether from the TV, internet, our spouses, or our children, stresses seem a bit out of control right now.

The stresses are not going to just go away, so that means we have to find a way to cope with them. Create our own inner sanctuary, a place that is safe and calm.

Close your eyes and imagine your bathroom, you inside with the door shut to the outside world. The lights are off and all you see are soft shadows and warm glow created by flickering candles. In the background is the sound of the rainforest, or maybe you prefer ocean waves. You sink into a tub filled with Relax Bath Salts. The essential oils of lavender, rose, and neroli encircle you, calming your frayed edges and lulling you into a state of well-being. Luxuriate in the bath, take your time, just feel, don’t think. After enough time has passed, withdraw from the tub and hydrate your skin with Relax Bath Oil. Feel the moisture being locked in and your skin soft and supple. Perhaps spritz yourself with Relax Room & Body Spray, taking the calming essential oils with you throughout the day. Now breathe.

Remember to keep breathing.

Open your eyes.

Now you have a choice. Do you continue feeling stressed and frazzled, or do you find an inner peace?

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