Friday, October 8, 2010

Sop Moei: Learn about who makes our canvas and basketry!

For over 14 years Erbaviva has partnered with the non-profit group Sop Moei Arts and the Pwo Karen hill tribe to produce our hand-woven baskets and canvas packaging. We are so in awe of the amazing work this group does in partnering businesses throughout the world with the skilled men and women from the Sop Moei district of Mae Hong Son Province in Thailand.

With the income from their partnership with Erbaviva, the Pwo, who live in remote villages away from sources of income, are able to maintain a children’s clinic, build a scholarship fund, and provide for their families. In the past, they would have had to rely on slash and burn farming or leave their native villages to seek life in city, but now they can build and maintain permanent sustainable farms. They are able to pass along their traditional craftsman skills and preserve their cultural identity by designing and making exquisite textiles and basketry. To learn more, please visit

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