Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Essential Sun-care tips for everyone under the sun

Sunny days on the beach, sand castles and poolside barbeques- we have already begun to dream.  As we await the glorious days of Summer ahead of us a few summer necessities come to mind. But none more than Sunscreen. Which for some including myself is an absolute must! Thankfully we have it covered- Our All Natural Children's Sunscreen contains the highest possible SPF and guaranteed protection without the harsh chemicals and synthetic sun blockers found lurking everywhere else. Be at ease this Summer knowing you are protected inside and out!

Proper Sun Protection Tips
Apply Liberally: The most common mistake made when using sunscreen is not applying enough. This mistake can expose you to 30-50%  more sun exposure than desired. Be sure to always apply LIBERALLY to all sun-exposed areas, including the nose, neck, hands, ears, feet and scalp for 100% protection!
Reapply: When applied properly, sunscreen should be reapplied every 2-4 hours spent in the sun.
Absorb: Allow your initial sunscreen application to absorb into the skin for 20-30 minutes before heading outdoors. 

Erbaviva Reviews & Helpful Links

"Of the more than 600 beach and sports sunscreens analyzed, EWG can only recommend one in five. Why? For starters, the sunscreen industry continues to use misleading, sky-high SPF ratings that may protect against UVB rays that cause sunburn but leave skin at risk for UVA damage."
"A sunscreen shouldn't contain unhealthy synthetic or chemical sun filters, yet most do. Instead choose a pure mineral sunscreen that will protect skin with zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide. Plus, all of them are made with organic plant ingredients that nurture the skin as they protect."

Happy Sun Season!

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Michelle said...

I really like this sunscreen. I use it on myself daily, under makeup, and on my little daughter. I just have a few questions to ask you, though. Does it contain nanoparticles? And does it provide full sprectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays? The label does not mention anything related to that.