Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kim's pick

Working at Erbaviva, I have the opportunity to try every product we make (and I do)! It's been difficult picking a favorite when I use so many Erbaviva products on a daily basis, but I sat myself down and really thought about which product I look forward to most each day and decided it has to be the Breathe Bath Salts.
The bath salts turn my plain-water filled tub into a luxurious spa experience for both my tired body and my clogged sinuses. Having spent my entire life in the Los Angeles area my sinuses are constantly corrupted by pollutants and smog, and there is nothing better than clearing them up without the use of harsh and unnatural medications.
To keep my sinuses clear outside of the tub I use the Sniffles Baby Chest Balm with a few drops of the Breathe Ease Synergy.

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